2013-G-9 - two-hand sword with wavy blade, 2nd half 16th/early 17th century

Category hilted weapon - Sword
Keywords sword, battle-sword, two-hand sword with wavy blade, complex crossguard, amphora-shaped pommel, mark, cross crosslet, two concentric circles
Date (whole objekt/hilt) 2nd half 16th/early 17th century
Total length 1352 mm
cross length 365 mm
Weight 2410 g
Preservation good
Verbal description Battlesword with a wavy blade and a metal-inlay of a cross crosslet in two circles on the blade. The hilt consists of a crossguard with leave-shaped endings and a terminal botton, on the outside there is a parrying ring and a lower sidering fixed on both arms of the hilt. Inside two diagonal side rings are crossing each other. The plain grip is covered with dark leather and closes in an amphora-shaped pommel, which is tapering to the tang.
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